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Many people depend on aids, be it because of age, an accident or a type of illness.  Personal hygiene, house work, climbing stairs - everything becomes a challenge.

Mobility despite age or disability: we know that self-reliance, well-being and mobility belong together.

With our product range we endeavour to offer a well-rounded assortment of products to help with daily living tasks, keeping you mobile and support during rehabilitation.


In MASOL we offer a range of mobility aids that adapt to the needs of each person, providing security and independence.

  • 3Invacare Rollator
  • 2Sunrise Breezy 90
  • Baston
  • 3Invacare Rollator 2
  • 1Invacare Orion
  • 1Invacare Colibri
  • Invacare Leo
  • 1Invacare Leo

    Daily Living Aids

    Our homes should always be adapted to our needs to make it a comfortable and accessible place. Our range of domestic aids facilitate movement and daily tasks, for both people with special needs and those who live with them. Many technical aids, such as grip bars and shower stools, also help prevent possible falls or injuries. In MASOL you will find a wide variety of products that help keeping you independent.

    • 7 Active Hands Looped
    • 4tabla De Bañera
    • 7Active Hands
    • 6 Cama
    • 5Pinzas
    • 3etac Swift 548901
    • 2etac Clean Green 567129
    • EasyGlide
    • 4etac Handy Safety Grab Bar Main 560943
    • 8tasty All Models 553681
    • 2Shower Wheelchair
    • 4Toilet Seat
    • 1Birdie Evo Compact Percha
    • Easy Belt


      Whether it is for Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy we offer a variety of aids and materials that allow you to continue your training at home.

      • MoVeS Hot Cold Pack Standard 2
      • MoVeS Squeeze Ball Green
      • Mambo Max Massage Ball 9cm Red 1
      • Kintex Kinesiology Tape 5cm X 5m Classic
      • 6560
      • Putty
      • Band
      • Mambo Max Massage Roll 4
      • MoVeS Bar Tan
      • 6507
      • 5608
      • MoVeS Loop Yellow 1


        We offer a variety of bandages and orthoses from well-known manufacturers for relief or support of joints, tendons and bones.

        • 7743
        • Espaldera Transpirable
        • Separador Media Luna En Gel
        • 7715
        • 6507
        • Ortesis Antiequino Boxia Orliman
        • Tobillera Estabilizadora Con Cordones
        • Juanetero Con Separador De Carrete Gl 124
        • 5608
        • Codera Elastica Con Almohadillas Visco Elasticas 9301
        • Catell Wrap
        • 7946
        • Orliman Knee
        • Faja Sacrolumlar Lumbitron Universal Lt 283
        • 6560


          To ensure that you can move freely during the day and relax at night, MASOL offers high-quality products including incontinence pants for swimming.

          • 2ABRI FLEX
          • 1 Nettir Combi Aqua Badebukser Paul Hartmann A S
          • 2ABRI Soft
          • 2ABRI San
          • 2ABRI Man
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