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Tips to take care of your mobility scooter

A mobility scooter is a device for people with reduced mobility. There are people who have difficulties to make long trips, but they can walk. The scooter is perfect so that these people can continue to lead an active life. You can continue doing your favorite activities, such as taking long walks with your pet. What people ask the most is how to take care of their mobility scooters.

People who need a mobility scooter may not be wheelchair users. Therefore, they will need some advice to take care of a scooter. The main maintenance areas about what is being asked: storage and battery.


Keeping the scooter in the right place and having regular checks will help extend its life. Like a car or motorcycle, it is important to perform periodic inspections to make sure it is still working well. This will guarantee freedom and security for longer.

It is important to keep the scooter dry and clean if it needs to be stored for a prolonged period of time. It is convenient that where the scooter is stored there is access to a plug, in order to charge it. The battery of the scooter discharges itself when not in use.

Therefore, it should be charged regularly, even if it is not used. Even if the scooter is fully loaded, it will be downloaded in a couple of weeks or so. (Always depending on the state of the battery and the season of the year).

Ideally, you can store the scooter in your own garage at home. Although it would also be good in a community garage, in a shed or in a warehouse specially prepared for the scooter. The scooter is not waterproof, so if you cannot store it in a covered place, you must protect it with a waterproof protective cover. Keeping the scooter dry and clean reduces the risks of corrosion.

If you cannot store it in a covered place, you must protect it with a waterproof protective cover. Keeping the scooter dry and clean reduces the risks of corrosion.


For obvious reasons, one of the most critical parts of the scooter is its battery. However, despite the very detailed information found in the user manual, people often focus on myths, or care only about the elements that are within their reach.

Then, the tips for caring for a scooter, and in this case, its battery, begin by taking into account the user manual. All mobility scooters come with a guide on how long the battery lasts with a full charge. This always according to the surface, the weight of the person and the average speed. However, this is only accurate if the battery is kept charged.
The battery must be fully charged before its first use. It may not provide maximum capacity until 10-20 charge cycles have been completed. Gel batteries do not have a "memory effect." It is important to fully charge the battery after each discharge / use (either total or partial).

To avoid the risk of damage, before storing it, you should dry the scooter with a towel if it gets wet. The scooter should always be stored in an environment that does not expose it too high or low temperatures, as this encourages degradation, corrosion and can impact its life, both of the battery and the scooter.

Keep in mind how important it is to take care of your mobility scooter so that it continues to give you freedom and security for a long time.

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