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Stretches for wheelchair users

Stretching benefits all people, and especially people with reduced mobility. Stretches for wheelchair users are important to relieve muscle cramps and pain. They also serve to improve fitness. Stretching can play a very important role in health. Performing stretches regularly helps you have better physical condition for longer.

Avoid muscle pain and protect joints

By stretching before any physical exercise, or by simply pushing your manual wheelchair, you will help your body overcome any possible muscle tension or tear. Stretching for users can help prevent any muscle injury.

Like the previous point of protecting your muscles, stretching can also help you with your joints. Be sure to warm up your muscles and joints before starting your daily routine (which implies the strenuous movement of pushing your wheelchair).

Stretching for 5 to 10 minutes before starting the day can help ensure that your joints remain protected for longer.


Stretching is an integral part of any person's exercise routine. Pushing a wheelchair is actually a form of exercise. It is important to make sure you are ready to perform that exercise. There are stretches for specific users, focused on improving the physical shape of important parts such as arms.

Improve your physical skills

Stretching itself is a form of physical exercise, and in doing so, you are also improving your physical abilities. Needless to say, stretching also prepares your body for greater responsiveness. For example, if you are about to propel your chair towards a hill, you will feel less fatigued (at least your muscles) if you have taken the time to stretch for users.

Improves circulation

Stretches have been shown to help improve circulation, not only do your muscles and joints benefit when you do stretches. Your blood flow and veins will also receive a small boost, so blood flow to several key areas will be assisted even more.

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