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Bathing aids & other useful products

After a long day, what feels best is a relaxing bath or shower. It helps to improve your mood; helps you relax your muscles and sleep better. However, for people with disabilities, taking a bath can be complicated. Fortunately, there are technical aids and adaptations that can be purchased at orthopedics or specialized centers, which can help during daily hygiene routines while staying independent. If you like to find out more please read on.

How to avoid slipping and falls

If you can feel unsteady on your feet at times, you should consider how to avoid slipping in the bathroom. You can place a mat in your bathtub or shower tray. This will provide you with grip and prevent you from slipping. There are extra-long bath mats that cover the entire length of the bathtub. If your problem is the bathroom floor, look for a carpet with a rubber base that sticks to the floor and a non-slip surface. Avoid splashing water on the floor, a wet ground can be very dangerous. You should also consider to install a grip bar which can provide extra support while standing or a shower chair/ stool or bathing bench to sit down while showering.  

Technical aids for washing

Some people find it difficult to reach parts of their bodies due to joint and muscle problems or amputations. The simplest available products to help with this are shower sponges with handles to reach the back and any other part of the body that would be difficult to reach otherwise. Similar items are available to cream your body after showering. Also available are items to help wash or brush your hair, like the shower aids they have a handle to facilitate reaching up to the hair if a person cannot lift their arms.Shower sandals or mats with suction cups to attach to the base of the bathtub or shower with bristles and brushes are available to help cleaning once feet.  How to keep scars and wounds dry Anyone who has had a broken leg or a surgical scar knows how difficult it is trying to keep one part of the body dry. Showering or bathing without wetting an arm or leg is a nightmare. Luckily, there are protective cases and sleeves that can be worn on the leg or arm to keep water away. These are made and sealed with neoprene, the water does not penetrate to the skin, allowing you to bathe without having to perform stunts at the same time. Comfort during bathing time If you find the toilet or bathtub surfaces hard or bathing aids uncomfortable, then you might be happy to know that there are bath cushions and pillows available. These items can make a big difference and come in different varieties and shapes. Some are inflatable and others are made of comfortable materials such as gel or silicon. All are safe in the bathroom and can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your personal hygiene regime. 

In MASOL we can help you to find the best technical aids for you to enjoy bathing time to the fullest. Visit us and we will assist you!

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